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Carbon Dioxide


 It has no smell and color, it can easily liquefy at 152 °C and 36 atmospheric pressure, has a sour flavor. Its symbol is CO2. . It is 1,53 times heavier than air. It can be present as liquid in a closed container at 4 bars. Carbon Dioxide : is name of the compound which has molecule consisting of covalent bounded one carbon and two oxygen atoms and exists as gaseous state in normal conditions. It has no color and smell. Carbon Dioxide has vital importance for animals and plants world.

Being original source of the Carbon Dioxide, the nature has been producing the purest Carbon Dioxide based especially on volcanic activities for milions of year. However, in this century Carbon Dioxide is manufacturing from waste gas Oknal Company obtain its natural raw material from its intagrated stations. Carbon Dioxide is required to be preserved in liquid state in order to transport it. We transport the product to the customer in time and a good manner by means of specially made transport tanks and tow trucks of latest model.

When the liquid Carbon Dioxide being under pressure is suddenly brought to the atmospheric conditions, some part of the Carbon Dioxide takes snowy shape. The other part becomes gas. Solid Carbon Dioxide namely Dry Ice is obtained in varios shapes by pressurizing the snow shaped Carbon Dioxide under presses. Natural Carbon Dioxide is used in most of the commercial field.

  • As an inert coverer in metal welding
  • Iron packaging, hardening the crucible surfaces
  • At organic agriculture and greenhouses
  • At cement improvement
  • As a fertilizer
  • At air beds
  • At swelling of lifeguard boats, as torpedo pusher
  • At mines as exploder, at cooling of exploder materials
  • In aerosols and fire extinguisher tubes, at fire extinguisher systems
  • At transferring of dangerous liquids
  • At extraction of petrol
  • In drinks like barrel beer, cola and mineral water
  • Storage and keeping of frozen food, fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • To preserve the freshness in substances which can spoil easily
  • At the production of ice cream, milk and butter
  • Medicine Production

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