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- Natural Plant Stimulator



Carbonate has been developed for the optimization of soil fertility. It is a patented liquid composition of different carbon sources. The performance and high concentrations of active ingredients make that this product can be used successfully in all crops.

The fertility of the soil is a symbiosis of soil- and plant life. Carbonate contains antibiotic substances that inhibit pathogenic (harmful) bacteria in their development. The suppression of this group of micro-organisms play an important role in its unique and synergistic effect. By using Carbonite will positive bacteria, beneficial fungi like Trichoderma’s and mycorrhizae, and many other plant beneficial micro-organisms be stimulated and optimized in their growth.

Carbonate also contains organic available elements for the construction of the cell walls, and fragrances that play a role in the propagation of plant beneficial micro-organisms. Micro-organisms provide an bigger solution of minerals, a better supply of nitrogen, and synthesis of growth substances and vitamins. Carbonate also creates an increased biotransformation in the tips of hair roots (Rhizosphere). Due to the multiple effects can Carbonate improve the crumble structure of the soil so that oxygen can penetrate deeper into the soil. This translates into larger root systems, more hair roots and better resistance to moisture, drought and salts. (Source: Erhard Hennig;“De geheimen van een vruchtbare bodem”)

Effects and advantages

  • Unique patented mix of liquid carbons
  • Stimulator for useful micro-organisms
  • Suppresses pathogenic (harmful) bacteria
  • Improves the crumble structure and soil fertility
  • Contains natural antibiotic substances
  • Promotes (hair) root growth
  • Provides better resistance to drought, moisture and salts
  • Provides greater absorption of nutrients
  • Increases production
  • Suppresses diseases
  • Booster for beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma’s

Recommended dosage

  • 1 litres per hectare per week

Suitable for appliance in vegetable- flower- house-garden- and ornamental plants

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