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- Model KKP-6 - Semitowed Combined Cultivator


The cultivator is used for preplant soil cultivation in all agricultural zones of Ukraine. Effectiveness of this unit is especially high when used for winter tillage to plant beet, pea, corn, sunflower, flax and spring crops. Cultivation is required angularly towards the direction of tillage.


The cultivator features an appropriate set of tools and one pass of the unit allows to successively perform all major technological operations of preplant cultivation, namely:

  • Tillage of the tractors track;
  • Soil smoothing by the first section of so-called «smoothing spades»;
  • Compaction of the upper soil layer and breakage of large clods by the compactors of the first section;
  • Soil tillage and weed undercutting by three rows of spring chisels of the section;
  • Additional soil smoothing by so-called «smoothing spades» of the second section;
  • Additional breakage of large clods and compaction of the lower soil layers to form a «seed bed» by the small and large compactors of the second section;
  • Final smoothing of the field and division of the stubble remains on the field surface by the spring chisel of the second section.

For custom orders the cultivator can be equipped with a hookup seeder by «Klion» company, enabling preplant soil treatment and seeding by one pass of the unit.

The cultivator folds by hydraulics to 3.15 m width, thus it is easily transported on general purpose roads.

Tillage of tractor tracks is performed by an original tool. Unlike analogs, its stiff design allows to molder tractor’s track at a set depth. It also features a shear bolt, which, when overloaded, prevents the unit from breakage and thus prolongs its service life.

Worthy of notice is a high reliability of bearing units of the compactors of the cultivator. Unlike analogs, it features closed self-aligned bearings which are additionally protected by dust seals.

All framework is produced of pipes of square section, wall thickness is 8 mm. That is why when transported this unit has the lowest load deflection among all cultivators of the same type produced in Ukraine.

Adjustment of each group of operating tools makes it possible to cultivate preplant soil at 2 to15 cm depth, which is important when sowing smallseeded crops.

  • Besides, the use of this cultivator will stimulate:
  • fast and friendly germination;
  • even development of tillers;
  • complete undercutting of weeds by three rows of operating tools, adjusted depending on weediness;
  • uprooting of weeds and thus complete extermination;
  • complete tillage of tractor tracks;
  • productivity and fuel and labor economy.

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