- Model GREEN 650/5L -1000/6L - Single-Row Potato Digger-Harvester


The GREEN series comes from the need to offer a suitable machinery to collect the product even if it is not fully mature. Despite of its small size, this machinery has ample space for procesing. Moreover, its innovative design provides high-performance possibilities.

Four levers, placed in the cab of the tractor, allow the operator to control the collector through the hydraulic system, moving the drawbar, steering the wheels and operating the bin with the forklift.

The high maneuverability of this machinery is achieved not only by the hydraulic pump connected directly to the PTO the tractor (without cardan), but also by moving a drawbar and by steering the wheels.

Two hydraulic valves, placed next to the operators, control the speed of rotation of the tape collector and the sorting belt; the power to the sorting belt is always homogeneous, and the design of the 'Green' series facilitates the operators work to select the potatoes.

Two platforms on either side of the sorting can comfortably accommodate four operators, but there is enough space for two more.
To unload the machine, a forklift can carry a bin of maximum kg. 500, unloading in line with the machine. Otherwise, it is possible to use a platform for filling appropiate bags or boxes.
Optionals: Front device to harvest onions (exchangeable with the potatoes device).

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