- Model KMC 1300/1450/1600 - Two-rows Potato Digger


The KMC series are aimed at combining the essential and basic features for subtle and delicate excavation. Moreover, this model is particularly suitable for small tractors with a lot of work to do because of its lightness and strength. The modular design of these machines facilitates any replacement of worn parts when necessary and enables the machine to come in different kit forms. In addition, the storage and transport costs can be reduced because of the modular design.

The machines of the KMC series have a useful working width that varies depending on the model (650, 1300, 1450, 1600) and are able to dig one or more rows of potatoes simultaneously. The main features that allow these machines to dig and unload the product onto the ground with the greatest care are:

  • The ploughshares proper inclination
  • The adjustable falling height
  • The low inclined belt

The models KMC 1300, 1450 and 1600 are strong, robust and light. Each machine has its own working width and a ploughshare with different steel blades which enables to operate inside the ground, breaking it and picking up the product on the conveyor belt without friction. In addition, the slight inclination of the belt enables a transport and selection of the soil with the desired intensity.
Optionals: A second belt that increases the selective surface.

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