- Model S 211-EX - Automatique Potatoes Planter for 2 Rows


The model S211-EX is able to plant 2 rows of potatoes at the same time. The speed and accuracy of this machine, carried by the lift of the tractor, make it ideal for all types of soils.

Among the numerous technical features of this model, the most significant are:

  • The great height of the band of seeding and the variable intensity of vibration, enable a gradual selection in the small cups, so that just one seed remains lodged in the cup
  • The interleaved position of the cups that take the seed from the seed-box, in order to leave the seed in excess inside the seed-hopper
  • The tandem system between the plow and the wheel which limits the depth, that guarantees a constant seeding depth
  • Two covering disks adjustable in width, depth and pressure over the soil, which cover and immobilize the seed on the row, forming the desired furrow.

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