- Model SPRING ALX-RH - Single-row Potato Digger-Harvester


The SPRING models ALX-RH and 750/35 have been designed to dig and harvest areas with different extensions. The work performed by these machines make possible to dig and harvest a single row of potatoes at the same time. The continuous ascent of the tubers through the conveyor belt (with an innovative system specially design that enables the product not to suffer jumps during the way) is impeccable, and the separation of the soil is carried out using systems not too aggressive to preserve the good condition of the product. The number of rpm is adjustable thanks to an hydraulic system placed in the machine, which becomes completely independent from the revolutions of the tractor. These features make the 'SPRING' series the most suitable machines in the market for the good relation quality/price and low maintenance necessary.

In particular, the model SPRING ALX-R enables an automated and professional harvesting for small and medium-scale farmers. Some of the main features that enable to operate this model with dexterity in narrow fields and hills are:

  • Digging system in or out the furrow
  • Ruggedness, lightness and compactness
  • Hydraulic transmission independent of the tractor with hydraulic pump located on the PTO
  • Hydraulic control of the drawbar and steering wheels
  • Control box located on the tractor cab, which allows the operator to control ergonomically all the functions
  • Hydraulic valves that allow the operators of the sorting belt to regulate manually the rpm of the different steps during the process

Optionals: Front device to harvest onions (exchangeable with the potatoes device).

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