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Carrier L (51 cm disc) and Carrier XL (61 cm disc) 425-825 are high capacity disc cultivator built with focus on flexibility, durability and economy. The models can be equipped with a straw harrow, CrossCutter Knife or CrossBoard Heavy, making them even more flexible and versatile. The machines have conical discs with MultiSet, where the angle can be adjusted to requirements. The discs have milled notches (TrueCut), which result in even wear and undiminished aggression. For very large farms there is Carrier XL 925-1225. All models are only 3 m in transport width.

Multifunctional tool carrier

All Carrier L and XL 425-825 can be equipped with three different front tools. The straw harrow spreads out straw after combine harvesting and makes tillage easier, while also ensuring that all plants in the following crop have the same conditions. 
CrossCutter Knife efficiently slices up everything from cover crops to tough maize stubble. The CrossCutter Knife is positioned at right angles to the discs, which means that the plant material is sliced apart from two directions. The front tool gives Carrier full flexibility to work from ultrashallow to full working depth.  CrossBoard crushes clods and slices and levels plough furrows.

Built for profitability

The discs are positioned in an X-shape, which means that lateral forces cancel each other out and give the disc cultivator neutral geometry in this regard. The result is a dead straight run behind the tractor, which is essential when using GPS control and is also a great advantage in sloping fields. The disc arms are forged and all cylinder fittings are equipped with the anti-long hole solution, which greatly extends the life and increases the precision. The shape of the disc arm and the placement of the disc bearings unit are designed to allow high throughflow. The discs are mounted individually, allowing maximum throughflow of material, which is important where there is heavy crop trash.

Well-designed discs

With the adjustable MultiSet hubs, the disc angle can be changed between four positions between 11 and 19 degrees. In this way, cultivation can be optimised according to requirements so that perfect slicing is achieved in shallow cultivation or good penetration in deeper cultivation.

The discs on Carrier XL discs are milled rather than die-cut. Therefore the cutting surface is exactly the same along the entire rim, which means that the discs retain their shape for a long time. TrueCut also allows the discs to carry out more aggressive slicing. Better slicing of crop residues means that they break down faster.

Conical shape
The conical shape of the disc produces fine soil, but also ensures that the same working angle is maintained irrespective of wear or working depth. If necessary, L discs can be used on XL and vice versa. The discs are made from Swedish V-55 quality steel.

Extra large bearings and hubs

The Väderstad-developed bearings are maintenance-free and in addition to an advanced rubber seal they have an extra metal washer to protect against external influences. The outer side of the bearings unit is rounded to eliminate all forms of twisting. The hub is integrated into the disc, allowing a better flow of material and preventing soil from clogging in the centre of the disc.

Easy adjustment

Carrier L and XL are both very easy to adjust. The maximum working depth is set on the machine, while other depth setting work is carried out hydraulically from the cab. To ensure optimal slicing and thereby uniform cultivation, the front row of discs can easily be adjusted in the lateral direction with the help of rigging screws.

The outer disc arms can be adjusted in the vertical direction to give perfect levelling of the field.

Instead of extra weights on the wing sections, Carrier L and XL 625 and 825 have adjustable wing pressure. It ensures that the machine gives the same cultivation effect across the entire working width.

Easy to manoeuvre

The design of Carrier L 425-825 and XL 425-825, with transport wheels that can be set down in the field, makes the disc cultivators very manoeuvrable. On headlands, the machine can be turned on either the packer or the wheels. The wheels can be set down in damp areas or when shallower cultivation is required in some parts of the field. By raising up the frame, it is easy to back out into all corners so that the whole field can be cultivated.

Match packer to requirements

Owing to its diameter, CageRunner (cage packer) has low inertia and is self-cleaning. It has a relatively low weight. SoilRunner is a U-profile packer in which soil acts on soil, leaving an ‘open’ cultivated surface. Owing to its design SoilRunner does not clog and when the U-profile fills with soil the wear is lower. Available in a double version. SteelRunner (steel packer) efficiently crushes clods and presses down stones. SteelRunner has a deep profile, making it the obvious choice on medium to heavy soils. Hanging scrapers keep the packer clean.

All packers have rubber-cushioned axles for longer life.

Tilting double packers

The double packers have a tilting action, which can be an advantage in wet conditions. The soil is not equally firmly compressed across the entire surface, so it is easier for water to seep away in the rows, which are loosely reconsolidated

Carrier L and XL are easy to transport

The wheel suspension system, where the transport wheel cylinder is linked to an accumulator, ensures that the high capacity disc cultivator runs smoothly. It is standard on Carrier L and XL 625 and 825 and available as an option on 425 and 525. This transport suspension radically increases the driving comfort and decreases impact stresses, extending the life of the disc cultivator. In the raised position, the transport width is only 3 metres. The Väderstad folding system gives even the large Carrier XL 925 and 1225 a transport width of only 3 m. The centrally positioned bogie carriage makes it easy to move the disc cultivator between fields.

BioDrill as an option for Carrier L and Carrier XL

Carrier L and Carrier XL is the most versatile disc tools on the market, having a large number of customisable features. The mountable small seeder BioDrill joins the ranks of accessories that help make Carrier L and Carrier XL the right disc cultivator for very precise drilling of small seeds. Along with the Väderstad precision spreader ramp, the Fenix metering system provides outstanding seed placement and ensures that the crop is established evenly.

Versatile front tools

Carrier L / XL has a unique range of front tools which makes it further versatile. Due to the common arm there are very little modifications needed to change between the CrossBoard and the CrossCutter Knife. 

Straw Harrow
Distributes the straw evenly across the field. Uneven straw incorporation will give an uneven emergence since straw uses nitrogen and oxygen for its decomposition. Only a disc will not move any material either lengthwise or sidewise. The Straw Harrow will create the same conditions for all plants.

CrossCutter Knife
The CrossCutter knife cuts the residues in 90 degree direction to the driving direction. This gives a more intensive surface work and helps decomposing plant residues at a faster phase. It is perfect for both stubble and cover crops.

CrossBoard Heavy
The CrossBoard Heavy with it’s stabilizing bar makes a very good levelling of the field in a single pass. Clods are grinded efficiently making it the perfect front tool for ploughed land.

Cutting and mixing

The conical discs of either 51 or 61 cm diameter are made of specially hardened Swedish steel giving them a 55 HRC strength. Their conical shape ensures an excellent crumbling, this is crucial for a perfect stale seed bed. The bigger cut outs of the 61 cm discs enable good grip also in plenty of trash. The shape of the discs is maintained with the TrueCut milling of the outer edge. The X-shape of the discs helps to eliminate sideway forces, this makes the machine run straight which saves overlapping.


The reconsolidation ensures that the residues gets a good soil contact giving them a faster break down. It also improves the germination of both volunteers and weed seeds. Depending on the soil condition there are different packers available. The double SoilRunner is possible to tilt giving it a possibility to adjust the result according to the conditions.

Standard features

Two disc sizes
One arm – one disc
X-disc goes straight
Adjustable disc axles
MultiSet –adjustable disc angle
Rubber suspended discs
Smart hub
Rubber suspension
Easily adjustable clips
Unique folding on CRL/CRXL 825
Adjustable wing pressure
Hydraulic suspension
Longlife solutions on all ram heads
Long life wing joints

Front tools
CrossCutter Knife
Straw harrow

Packer options
SoilRunner, double
Adjustable packer angle

Drawbar options

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