Carrot Harvesting Machine


4 tons/hour harvesting capacity. Located at the bottom of the combine ploughshare carefully digs carrots , making it easier for her stretch tops .machine gently break roots , grab them for tops and shake the soil residues .Thanks to specially designed cleaners dirt which are located on the land and carrots completely separated from impurities .Optionally, you can change the trailer or used as a bunker. Unlike other carrot harvesters , Our machine is digging carrots as a whole due to the soil under the diggers , the plant remains intact ie heavy and wet conditions of the winter season you can spend cleaning carrots.

Model: T-REX
Number of Rows: 1
Tractor Suitability: 80 HP. 540 rpm
Hydraulic System: Closed system on the machine
Pump Type: Tandem
Tire Size: 12.5/80-15.3
Moving Speed: 5,5 - 8 Km./h.
Harvesting System: Soil beneath the advancing removers
Cleaning System: Specially designed conveyor belt and brushes
Harvesting Capacity: 4 t/h.
Color: Ral 1028 Yellow - Metallic Gray
Length: 500 cm.
Width: 320 cm.
Height: In road conditions while the band is closed maxsimum : 350 cm. In work conditions while band full is maxsimum 525 cm.
Weight: 2500 kg.

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