Belco Resources Equipment

Carted Wheel Rake


The Belco Resources Equipment Carted Wheel Rake, with its 15' tires and heavy 7mm teeth gives you the ability to cruise at high ground speends with less worries about teeth breakage. Double action hydraulic is standard with its unique double shaft cylinder, foregoing the need for costly add-ons. Tapered roller bearings keep the wheels running smoothly and easily with minimum maintenance. Frame construction is thick walled square tubing to give years of reliable service.

  • Heavy square tubing construction on rake cart
  • 205/70-15 tires standard
  • Heavy tubular frame with strategically placed bracing
  • Molded steel hubs with tapered roller bearings
  • Optional Kicker wheel available
  • 7mm heavy spring steel teeth
  • Double action hydraulic cylinder
  • Compact design
  • High quality powder-coat paint

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