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Case IH wants you to reap maximum productivity from your investment. The new Case IH LRZ front loaders combine power, rigidity, loading performance and modern design to form an innovative loader concept. These loaders excel in functionality and feature technically intelligent solutions to give you pleasure in your daily work by delivering high performance and comfortable handling.

Outstanding loader performance
The Case IH LRZ front loader provides outstanding lift capacity and maximum lift height, with excellent crow and dump angles. The LRZ Series has also been engineered to provide the highest levels of operator comfort and ease of control. Performance is however not just a function of comfort and responsive controls. Case IH tractors come equipped with spectacular manoeuvrability features such as Powershuttle and a really tight turning circle. Literally, Case IH tractors and Series LRZ loaders are made for each other.

Order your Case IH tractor loader-ready
Then the loader tower mountings and hydraulic piping are installed on the tractor assembly line. These loaders can also be retro-fitted to provide you with a durable and versatile implement matched to the performance of your Case IH tractor.

Full range of buckets and tools
You can match your LRZ loader with the right tool for the job. With earth buckets, manure forks, grapple buckets, silage forks, bale forks, wrapped bale handlers and pallet forks (to mention a few), you can choose the LRZ tools for precisely the tasks you have in mind.

This new concept alleviates the operator’s work because conventional self-levelling loaders required the operation of a hydraulic guidance system. This advanced design - doing away with control-rods at the top end – gives you better visibility of the loading material and work area to the front and to the side. This adds up to safer and faster loading. In addition, the Z-Kinematik system provides higher performance in relation to lifting capacity. The result is an enormously powerful front loader you can rely on which is extremely satisfying to use. Outstanding loading performance by compact combination of tractor and loader. The design of the Z-Kinematik with the control rods inside the rear lift arms works to give the ideal positioning of loader to tractor. Thanks to the absence of an overhead control rod, the loader is placeable closer to the cab, so the front axle load is reduced, resulting in lower wear and higher durability on your tractor.

A loader you can rely on at all times
All loaders are made of finegrained, highest quality steel, which gives the front loader rocker the enormous stability and robustness, you expect from a loader of this quality. Hence Case IH still uses fine-grained steel for the LRZ series. The design of interleaved lift arms ensures highest rigidity especially by additional strengthening of the overlapping zone with a thick flange-like part.

Novel U-pillar-profile with bridge
The sculpted pillar is made using a single plate stabilized by an internal bridge. The inboard control rod passes through an opening in the bridge plate, while all hydraulic piping is concealed inside the lower section of the pillar.

Masked run hydraulic pipes
To run the metal pipes in protected recesses underneath the liftarm is simply ingenious, logical and practical for several reasons. A demountable guard protects the pipes against damage so the good looks are more than just cosmetic. Case IH gives you the great advantage you deserve with this solution, because all pipes - especially connections and fittings - remain accessible at all times and at less operating expense.


Central hydraulic device - compact unit
The central hydraulic block with additional modules is compactly placed at the optimum location behind the cross-tube. Here it does not obstruct the forward view to the loader and material. The whole hydraulics system is masked against dirt and damage by a rigid cover sheet. A double-action pressure limiting valve (DBV), which responds at 210 bar, protects the hydraulic cylinders against overloading on heavy-duty loading jobs.


COMFORT-DRIVE - a new solution for the damping system
The overpressure-sensitive rubber-membrane-accumulators are replaced by a nearly indestructible piston accumulator. This is integrated in the sized dimensioned cross-tube. At maximum load the piston accumulator runs on a stopper and is therefore almost indestructible. With a large volume of about 1l and a low charging pressure this system already damps at small loads. Furthermore the piston accumulator can be charged for higher pressure by appropriate specialist dealers.

Fast Attach system
Fitting and removing the Series LRZ loader takes a matter of seconds; Case IH uses a unique fast attach system. Drive the tractor into the parked front loader arms. The coupling sections slip smoothly into the solid drop forged attachment hooks. Connect the hydraulic and electric systems with the single point Multi Quick coupler. Lift the loader arms to engage the hooks. Lock the towers and the arms together using the side handles. Fold up the self-adjusting stands and away you go.


Integrated loader controls
The loader is part of the tractor and not a retrofit as offered by other manufacturers. On Case IH tractors controls are smartly integrated into the seat ensuring the right-hand controls remain unobstructed. The joystick features an additional pushbutton for a third hydraulic connection for operating grapples and grabs etc. The mid-mount valves and couplers are ready-fitted to the tractor and pipe routing is designed to take the shortest path for the most responsive loader performance you will ever experience.

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