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- Model 5088 - Axial-Flow Combines


Case IH launched the first single-rotor Axial-Flow combine in 1977. Thanks to the simple and reliable design, more than 30 years later, single-rotor technology still leads the industry. Six core principles drive AFX Axial-Flow rotor design: Simplicity - Fewer moving parts for better reliability and easy service. Grain Quality - Gentle grain-on-grain threshing minimizes grain damage. Grain Savings - Through thorough threshing and efficient separation. Crop Adaptability - Harvests more than 80 types of grains in many conditions. Matched Capacity - Matched systems optimize crop flow and productivity. Resale Value - Impressive resale value maximizes your investment.

Controlling crop flow is key to harvesting success, and it starts with delivery of the crop from the header to the rotor. Axial-Flow combine feeders promote a thick crop mat and are sized to match combine capacity – both threshing/separating capacity and throughput requirements of each combine model. Axial-Flow matched capacity:

  • Ensures smooth, consistent crop flow into the machine and improves productivity
  • Provides maximum capacity and grain recovery

The patented transition cone with impeller system on the front of the Axial-Flow AFX rotor smoothly accelerates the crop mat, promoting positive material flow with less impact damage – and superior threshing and separating performance.

  • Rotor Transition Cone
  • Rotor Cage
  • Rotor Concave/Module Wrap
  • 20 Series Rotor Modules
  • 88 Series Concave and Grate Options

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