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- Model Axial-Flow 5130 - 6130 - 7130 - Combines


299 - 415 hp / 220 - 305 kW.New Axial-Flow 5130, 6130 and 7130 combines are built to meet the demands of today’s mid-sized arable units, from professional farms to progressive estates. At their heart is the proven principle of Axial-Flow single rotor technology, and the benefits that it brings: thorough threshing, leading to lower losses, but with the gentlest of grain handling.


At the heart of Case IH 130 series combines is the latest Small Tube rotor, developed to boost throughputs and further improve threshing performance without compromising grain and straw quality, in dry and wet conditions, regardless of the crop being harvested. However, it’s not just the rotor that makes the Axial-Flow difference; the Cross Flow cleaning system which follows the separation process uses chevron-shaped volute fins to create a uniform vortex along its axis, creating high volumes of air throughput. Unlike conventional systems, there are no air pockets created – distribution is consistent across the underside of the sieves and fan speed is fully adjustable to cater for finer-seeded crops.


Case IH understands the pressures faced by farmers at harvest. We know good labour is hard to find and that many businesses employ only the minimum of staff, whether by choice or necessity. So whoever is in the seat – the farm owner, a skilled operator or a temporary harvest team member – they need a machine that’s easy to operate.


When there’s a full day’s harvest ahead of you, the last thing you want is a machine that’s time-consuming to service. Daily checks and regular maintenance are simple when you run an Axial-Flow. With a design that’s centred around fewer moving parts than on conventional combines or on other rotaries, you can get going while others are still in the yard. Daily services points are easy to access via easy-to-raise side panels, anti-slip service steps, and the trademark spacious rear engine deck.


Latest generation Case IH headers, available in widths up to 7.6m, are designed specifically for European conditions and allow you to make the most of the capacity these combines are capable of. Choose from 3050 VariCut or 2000 series grain headers, or 6 and 8 row maize headers. Varicut allows the combine knife position to be moved “on the go” through a 50 to 57cm range for work in long and short straw conditions.

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