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- Model LB334 - Large Square

The LB4 series large square baler isn’t just another pretty piece of equipment: it is designed from the ground up for long life and superior performance. On the outside, the unique curved shape allows it to shed crop debris. The baler width has been reduced by 2 feet to improve visibility to the rear and sides of the baler and takes up less space on the road and in the shed. Composite side panels are lighter, rust proof and fade resistant. And underneath that curvy red exterior is an amazing workhorse that has more capacity than its forerunners.

Maximize Your Baling Window - New LB4 series large square balers are designed to provide more capacity, greater bale density, more speed and more efficiency than ever before. The matched-capacity pickup, cutting system and chamber create faster crop flow and higher-density bales. The result: you harvest your crop quicker, at the peak of its nutritional value, for better feed and more money in your pocket. Pair one up with your Case IH tractor and you have the perfect team to get more done, more quickly. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover and a short time to do it. Be Ready with Case IH LB4 large square balers.

Efficiency - Haying windows are short and critical. LB4 series large square balers are designed to deliver faster baling speeds, higher-density bales, more complete pickup and smooth, reliable power. In the end, your ROI will be dollars and forage value, plus the most valuable commodity of all – time.

Reliability - Take a look around an LB4 baler and you’ll find our already reliable machines have been reinforced for even longer life. We went to the field to talk with producers like you while they worked – then we went out and confirmed our design delivers. In fact, our engineers baled more than 200,000 bales in all kinds of crops and conditions, all over the world. With every new generation, Case IH balers are better than before while still incorporating the proven components and best-in-class qualities you’ve come to expect.

Simple To Use - LB4 balers were designed to make baling easy. Ground-level access to service points, easy adjustments, narrower transport widths and better visibility in and around the baler, and a sleek new design to better shed debris and keep knotters clean – all features that makes sense for your operation.

Higher Efficiency Flywheel - Thanks to the larger diameter of our high-inertia flywheel, you’ll get up to 48 percent more energy, smoother operation and better fuel efficiency. Heavier duty components inside the gearbox provide more durability and allow an increase from 42 to 48 strokes per minute for 20% increased capacity.

Versatility - Choose from larger tire options, which provide improved flotation and a lighter footprint. We’re also giving you three axle configurations to choose from. Depending on your speed, maneuverability requirements and field conditions you can choose: 

• Single 

• Steered Tandem 

• Large Steered Tandem

Matched Systems Make A Better Bale - The new pickup features a suspended roller wind guard with a feed-assist roller to efficiently move your crop into the pre-chamber. The pickup is matched to the width of the bale chamber – and the cutter and pre-compression chamber widths match, too. The result? Better capacity, more efficiency and, ultimately, better bale quality. The new heavy duty pickup reel stands up to varied crop types including corn stalks and other tough stubble.

The Perfect Finish - Reliable, drive shaft-driven, double knotters reduce the risk of twine breakage and increase daily output of dense bales that can stand up to rough handling. Our proven best-in-class double knotters have new, improved shielding and repositioned fans to keep them clean, protected and operating efficiently. Two separate spools feed twine directly to the top and bottom of the bale. Once the preset bale length has been reached, the knotter system is engaged. The twine moves around the bale as it is formed, eliminating stress on knotter components, which provides greater reliability to the system and tying cycles. Dual bale chamber ejector tines offer complete bale clearance, working independently to remove the rearmost bale. And when you’re done for the day, they provide complete chamber clean out.

Extras That Help You Go The Extra Mile - Additional twine storage with 16 balls on each side and an easy-thread system allows you to keep baling when the conditions are right. For higher-feed-value bales, Case IH ThirtyPlus™ liquid preservative lets you bale at a higher moisture content without worrying about heating or mold damage. And for maximum flexibility and bale density, add an optional Case IH rotor cutter. This system uses a large rotor to feed crop from the pickup through a row of spring-protected knives before entering the compression chamber.

Lighting Package - Don’t let the lack of daylight stop your productivity - Specifically created for the LB series, these newly designed oval lights have been repositioned for greater visibility and come standard on all models. To help you work even more efficiently, these lights can be controlled from the comfort of your cab simply by using the monitor softkey. An optional service light package is available to provide optimal brightness for working at night.

New Steering Sensors - Standard on all LB4 baler models - steering sensors are located on each side of the front of the baler. The sensors monitor the windrow position and send a display to the Pro 700 display that shows the operator how to steer, for quicker reaction to windrow conditions.

Automated Maintenance - The automatic greasing system pumps grease from the reservoir to five grease divider blocks that lubricate individual grease points, saving you time and improving bearing life.

Continuous Lubrication - Our standard automatic central lubrication distribution system takes oil from the reservoir and provides a constant regulated oil supply to the drive chains for smooth operation and decreased maintenance time.

Total Accessibility - Ground-level access to key service points, including a convenient slide-out knife drawer so you can inspect, sharpen or change out knives quickly and easily. In addition, a newly designed service platform gives you easy access to key bale chamber service points and knotters from a single level. A foldable ladder provides easy access to the top of the baler when you need it and stays out of the way when you don’t.

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