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- Model RB455A - Round Baler



Well-formed, dense bales hold their shape, stand up to the weather better, and are easier to handle, transport and stack. Like all Case IH RB Series balers, the RB455A baler uses a combination of belts and rolls to form the bale. The benefit is clear: greater density bales without undue stress on the belts. This baler uses five powered rolls. The rolls work together to maintain a smooth bale face and help reduce lumps and unevenness in finished bales. When it’s all said and done, the RB455A baler produces up to a 4x5 foot bale weighing as much as 1,000 lbs.

  • The powered floor roll supports the bale weight as it is being formed, alleviating undue stress on belts and eliminating the need for heavy-duty lacing.
  • The larger feeder opening allows for consistent crop flow into the chamber in almost any field condition.
  • The starter roll begins forming the bale, working with the belts to grow the bale shape.
  • The fixed roll is ribbed and aids in core formation.
  • The pivot roll is dimpled, resulting in more aggressive bale formation.
  • The ribbed stripper roll works in tandem with the fixed roll to aggressively form and maintain bale shape.
  • The bale density and shape sensing system utilizes two sensors mounted in the bale chamber on either side of the floor roll. During formation, the bale pushes directly against the two sensors as the bale is built. This system provides the most accurate method of sensing bale shape in the industry. It has been proven that round bales with dense sides stack better and remain stacked.

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