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- Model TR270 - Compact Track Loader

Climb inside a new Case compact track loader (CTL) and you’ll feel the difference. Engineered from the ground up, this new line-up of equipment delivers more power, comfort and control options. And that’s just the start. Our new CTLs deliver exceptional bucket breakout force and hinge pin height. All three models deliver superior horsepower, giving you the muscle to get the job done faster. You'll also get a larger, pressurized cab and several choices of controls to keep your operators productive. Then, check out the easy maintenance and serviceability that help you get more work done daily.

Operator’s Compartment

    ROPS / FOPS level 1 canopy with side screens  

    Tilt ROPS / FOPS  

    Rear window with emergency escape  

    Instrument panels  

    Suspension vinyl seat  

    2 in. (51 mm) retractable seat belt  

    Hand throttle  

    Foot throttle  

    Alarm package  


    Top window  

    Cup holder  

    Power plug socket  

    Foot rest  

    Storage tray  

    Low effort ergonomic hand controls  

    Padded seat bar with integral armrests  

    Loader control lockout system  

    Electric parking brake control  

    Floor cleanout panel  


    Radial loader arm design  

    Mechanical attachment coupler  

    Loader lift arm support strut  


    Case / Iveco 432T/M3 diesel  

    No maintenance belt  

    Over and under radiator and oil cooler  

    Glow plug  

    Integral engine oil cooling  

    Fuel filter with water trap  

    Dual element air cleaner  

    95A alternator  

    1,000 CCA 12V battery  


    Switchable EH controls  

    Planetary reduction final drive  

    2-speed ground drive  

    SAHR disc parking brakes  


    Auxiliary hydraulics 3,050 psi (210 bar) - 23.8 gpm (90 lpm)  

    Hydraulic circuit pedal lock  

    Loader arm-mounted ISO flat face connectors  

    Auxiliary function lockout override  

    Loader function lockout system  

    Loader lift lockout override  

    3-spool loader control valve  

    Heavy-duty oil cooler  

    Loader arm float position  


    Deluxe instrument panel  

    Add-on counterweights  

    Lockable service access hood  

    Single-point daily servicing  

    Halogen Lights:  

       2 front  

       2 side  

       2 rear  

    Rear tail lights  

    Remote oil drain

Operator’s Compartment

    Deluxe cloth suspension seat with heater and lumbar support  

    Interior mirror  

    Electric auxiliary hydraulic control  

    Glass front door with wiper and washer  

    Sliding side windows  

    3 in. retractable seat belt  

    Heater and AC  


    Demolition door  


    Auxiliary front electric control  

    Ride control  

    Hydraulic attachment coupler  

    Hydraulic 1-way self-leveling  


    High-flow auxiliary hydraulics  

    3,050 psi (210 bar) - 33.2 gpm (126 lpm)  

    Second auxiliary hydraulics  

    Attachment case drain plumbing  


    Coolant block heater  

    Battery disconnect switch  


    Road lights  

    Rotating beacon  

    Lift hooks  

    Special paint  

    Language decals  

    Bolt-on bucket cutting edges  


    Dirt and Foundry:  

       72 in. (1.8 m) width; 390 lbs. (177 kg); 16.7 cu. ft. (0.47 m³) heaped capacity  

       78 in. (2 m) width; 435 lbs. (197 kg); 18.4 cu. ft. (0.52 m³) heaped capacity  

    Low Profile:  

       72 in. (1.8 m) width; 425 lbs. (193 kg); 14.5 cu. ft. (0.41 m³) heaped capacity  

    Low Profile Extended:  

       72 in. (1.8 m) width; 477 lbs. (216 kg); 17.1 cu. ft. (0.48 m³) heaped capacity  

       78 in. (2 m) width; 502 lbs. (228 kg); 18.6 cu. ft. (0.53 m³) heaped capacity  

       84 in. (2.1 m) width; 607 lbs. (275 kg); 20.2 cu. ft. (0.57 m³) heaped capacity  

    Light Material:  

       72 in. (1.8 m) width; 434 lbs. (197 kg); 23.7 cu. ft. (0.67 m³) heaped capacity  

       84 in. (2.1 m) width; 497 lbs. (225 kg); 27.9 cu. ft. (0.79 m³) heaped capacity  

    Manure and Slurry:  

       72 in. (1.8 m) width; 465 lbs. (211 kg); 19.1 cu. ft. (0.54 m³) heaped capacity  

       84 in. (2.1 m) width; 535 lbs. (243 kg); 22.5 cu. ft. (0.64 m³) heaped capacity  

    Heavy Duty:  

       72 in. (1.8 m) width; 501 lbs. (227 kg); 14.6 cu. ft. (0.41 m³) heaped capacity  

       78 in. (2 m) width; 527 lbs. (239 kg); 15.9 cu. ft. (0.45 m³) heaped capacity

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