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- Elite Hybrid Highest Yielding Castor Bean Improved Seeds

The years of continuous research, experiments and in cultivating and breeding of Castor Bean and other biofuel crops, CJP was able to develop a systematic breeding and cultivar development strategy. Newly bred cultivars are extensively tested in multi-location trials and true to type seeds are being produced with high quality standard CBMAX9™ Elite HYV Castor Improved Seeds Through its CBMAX9™ improved seed product line, CJP provides growers the highest yielding, most uniform and profitable Castor in the world. Improved seeds result in greater yield, uniformity and vigor while significantly reducing Plantation costs for growers. CBMAX9™ improved varieties have been tested and developed for a range of climatic and soil conditions. Through its research and development program, CJP continues to expand the regions for which CBMAX9™ improved seeds are available farming in many countries

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