- Mulching Machine with Two Wwing Disks



This is a very robust mulching machine with a particularly strong blade carrying rotor. This is a machine ideally suited for the shredding of pruning cuttings, for grass cutting and for shredding maize stalks. The transmission works with 4 or 5 belts (depending on the model) which guarantee the optimal use of power. The blade carrying rotor is electronically balanced. This, and the use of ball bearings or tapered ball bearings (depending on the model), guarantee durability and strength. The roller at the rear, adjustable in height and with a large diameter, is provided with two bearings so that the machine remains constantly in touch with the ground.

The mulching machines of the Castor series are durable and reliable. The extensive range of available cutting widths and the various options make them into universal machines. They can moreover be equipped with one or two swing disks (with cutting blades or rakes) and with a hydraulic transmission system which is ideal for particularly demanding and time consuming jobs.

  • Straight or curved cutting blades
  • Rear levelling roller, height adjustable with two bearings
  • Roller/wheel or wheel/wheel (depending on the model) in front, the height adjustable with bearings.
  • Mechanic side shift
  • 3 point linkage ISO cat I or II
  • Angle gear 540 revs/min HERMES (on some models the rotation can be reversed)
  • Roller scraper
  • Power take-off 1 3/8' Z=6

  • Hydraulic side shift
  • Hydraulic cutting height adjustment
  • Weeding facility
  • Double supporting wheels (depending on the model)
  • Movable cutting blades for sandy terrain
  • Shaft drive
  • Front version
  • Swing disks: diameter 35/45/55/65

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