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Starter: Especially formulated for first feeding fry and fingerling. Nearly free of dust and fines which can be detrimental to small fish. High levels of quality fish and animal protein. Utilizes marine oils, beta glucans, pigments and high vitamin levels, including stabilized vitamin C. Available Sizes: #0, #1, #2 & #3 Crumble.

EXTR 350

  • Our premium warm water diet designed for highly intensive rearing
  • High levels of animal & marine protein result is excelent palatabiliy and maximum intake
  • Available Sizes: 1/8', 5/32', 3/16' & 1/4'

EXTR 400

  • Significant amount of fish meal and other animal protein resulting in excellent payability and maximum consumption
  • Extra vitamins and stabilized vitamin C are standard
  • Extruded floating pellet for feed training
  • Extrusion also means fewer fines and less pond waste
  • Available Sizes: 1/16', 3/32', 1/8', 5/32', 3/16' & 1/4'

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