Cattle Claw Clean System (CCS)



CCS® cleans and disinfects claws hygienically and fully automatically. Developed in collaboration with the engineering firm Heemskerk, the system comprises a central control unit and one or two spray units. The control unit with its stainless steel housing is connected to the power supply and a water supply. A dosing pump delivers the required disinfectant. The spray unit is installed in the exit from the milking barn or milking robot. A sensor above the alley detects the passage of a cow and automatically disinfects the claws. A true breakthrough for cattle farmers.

This animal-friendly system is suitable for use in combination with milking barns and milking robots. The spray unit does not hinder the movement of the cows. CCS represents a continuous preventive approach. As a result, claw problems remain under control, saving time and money. The cows maintain high production levels and live longer.

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