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Cattle Nutrient Monitoring



Background - The producer of a 'High Energy Liquid Feed' product for cattle is interested in monitoring their customers inventory and determining the rate and level of use by the cattle.

Current control equipment used provides accurate metering of product into the cattle's water however the reporting and daily monitoring of the usage is not available. Desired system includes automated reporting via webpage and email for reorder points.

The IntelliLogger IL-10 is selected for the application. The IL-10 is capable of monitoring and recording the required inputs, two tanks levels and a flow, sensor outputs are 4-20mA and pulse respectively. The IL-10 then processes the data to report on product usage per animal and presents the information via a custom webpage

The IntelliLogger is actually the webpage server with no off-site computer storing, processing and presenting the data. Connection to the IL-10 is made through the Internet via Ethernet local area network, cellular modem, or dial-up modem. A local network is available at the selected site so all that is required is the opening of a port in the firewall to allow access to the IntelliLogger. Now the rancher and the product manufacturer can monitor usage.

Additionally, the supplier can setup reorder points with Email or or SMS reminders sent just prior to the reorder point and the monthly data can be automatically downloaded to the suppliers computer via FTP for further analysis and monitoring of product usage. The flexibility of the IntelliLogger allows for a variety of applications for monitoring, alarming and control.

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