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- Cattle Slats



Moore Concrete manufacture a range of 178mm (7″) and 255mm (10″) deep Cattle Slats suitable for both beef and dairy cattle. Our gang slats are designed to ensure optimum space to surface area ratio allowing animal waste to fall directly into the storage tank below.

The slat range includes -

Cattle Slats – Available in standard (4.5 ton axle loading) or heavy duty (up to 8 ton axle loading).  255mm (10″) deep gangs are also available and can provide an axle loading up to 10 ton.  Slats shorter than 3050mm (10′) are available with ends recessed to 150mm (6″) to match in with single slats.

Multi Purpose Slats - Suitable for sheep, cows and calves.

Straw Bedded Slats – Designed for use in calving pens and areas where young stock is housed.

Solid Manhole Slabs – Ideal where the tank extends outside the shed to enable easy access to either mix or draw the slurry.

The gangs can also be manufactured with our Surefoot™ Slip Resistant surface on request.

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