- Nutritional Supplement for Beef Cattle


The use of microbial-based feed additives, which include cultures of specific organisms, metabolic by-products and enzymes to alter rumen fermentation and improve animal performance have increased dramatically in recent years. This is partly in response to a desire for more 'natural' solutions and a move from additives that are antibiotic in nature. A second driving factor is an increased need to find tools which can enhance feed efficiencies as a result of ever increasing feed costs. Products of this nature have been shown to improve the digestibility of various nutrients including fiber components, proteins, and fats in both forages and feed grains.

Nutrient availability of the animal's diet is largely associated with the availability of critical digestive enzymes which facilitate the breakdown of feed and forage components and the basic molecular structures. The animal's ability to digest and utilize a given feed or forage is reflected by its performance in terms of weight gain, milk production and reproduction. Microbial Fermentation Products (MFP) such as Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma viride include enzymes such as cellulase and amylase which are known to help maintain the digestive process. The MFP combination in Cattlemace® has proven benefits which include:

  • Utilization of high fiber ingredients and by-products.
  • Competitive environment in the small intestine for undesirable organisms.
  • Help to maintain microbial balance in the rumen.
  • Help to maintain the overall digestive system environment,

What is Cattlemace?
Cattlemace is a proprietary blend of Aspergillus oryzae 458, Bacillus subtilis 681 and Trichoderma viride 007fermentation products for normal fiber, starch, and other nutrient digestion in beef applications. Cattlemace has shown effectiveness in cattle on pasture and in feed yard settings and exhibits normal weight gain, performance and feed efficiency. Reports show fiber digestion helps in maintaining normal body temperatures during periods of heat stress. It has also been shown to be effective in other ruminant species such as sheep and goats.

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