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First feeding of fish larvae is crucial for the success of a hatchery. Survival and proper development of the larvae are dramatically influenced by the quality of the first feed. The feed used has to be attractive to the fishlarvae, it should be nutritionally balanced, it should be small enough so that larvae can ingest it and very important, larvae should be able to digest the feed.

It is therefore that artemia nauplii are used by all hatcheries.
For first feeding marine larvae, a special grade of artemia is available,  meeting the requirements of the delicate larvae. This grade, the high  HUFA, is harvested from selected ponds, where adult artemia feed on special algae species ensuring a
high level of (n-3) HUFA in the
artemia cysts.

The high HUFA artemia give the smallest possible nauplii.

Because of the unstable supply of artemia cysts from the Great Salt Lake in Utah (Salt Lake Aquafeed and CV label) in the past years, we have also selected other alternative sources of artemia cysts. This enables us to have quality artemia cysts available all year round.

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