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Rijk Zwaan has a lot of experience with cauliflower and has created many top varieties. Our varieties are typified by their good crop performance in varying weather conditions. By working on better varieties and new types, we are convinced that a wonderful future awaits cauliflower.

Fresh and industry
Rijk Zwaan has cauliflower varieties especially suitable for different climate zones and seasons. In addition we distinguish between cauliflower for the fresh market and for the industry, each with their specific traits. For the industry this means, for instance, that we look specifically at nice florets with short stems.

Resistant to diseases
For growers we select besides on more reliability, uniformity and good wrapper leaves to cover the curd. This saves growers work and consumers see a lovely white cauliflower on the shelves. By means of clever crossings and modern research techniques our varieties are more and more resistant to pests and diseases.

Alongside traditional, white cauliflower, Rijk Zwaan has a number of specialities in the range, such as green cauliflower and romanesco. With them, we play into the demand for niche products. It is also the reason why we keep looking for new varieties in colour, shape and flavour, and for growers we strive for a higher yield and better disease resistance.

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