Cauliflower Machine



The Verhoest cauliflower machine is commended for its solidity and efficiency. According to a comparative study by the West Flemish Test Center for Agriculture, this machine obtained the best results for cutting with minimal loss of weight.

  • Much suitable for lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, endive
  • Hinges besides the tractor; with room ahead and behind to stock the bins
  • An emergency stop halts the machine immediately when necessary
  • NEW:  a headrail guarantees the balance of the conveyor and facilitates the moving besides the vehicle
  • An optical eye halts the vegetables at the end of the conveyor to make the taking off easier
  • With awning to protect against sun, wind and rain
  • A steerable pole keeps the vehicle in the track of the tractor (even in wet weather)
  • Hydraulical or electrical remote control determines:
    • the height of the conveyor (to hold the conveyor constantly horizontally)
    • the start and stop of the driving of the tractor
    • the driving at the left/right of the tractor
  • Two cutting heads cut simultaneously two cauliflowers. They work up between 60 and 100 cauliflowers per minute (with two boring heads).
  • To harvest whole cauliflowers, can also bore white and red cabbages.
  • A steerable pole holds the vehicle in the track of the tractor (even in wet weather).
  • Hygienic with dishes in stainless steel
  • The hydraulical or electrical remote control (on different places) steers the tractor.
  • Big wheels
  • NEW:  less working hours thanks to the breaker

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