Caviar, Royal Caviar And Vitellus


BernAqua pioneered this technology in 2000 and since then has continued to benefit from this at a large scale and low cost. Our micro encapsulation technology is still unique in the world. BernAqua protein microcapsules are complex microcapsules. Our complex microcapsules are composed of lipid beads and liposomal nanocapsules trapped in a protein matrix mainly composed of fresh fish and squid. These complex microcapsules are produced by complex coacervation.  

Lipid beads are formed by spray chilling of a melted fat in which a water soluble ingredient has been mixed or emulsified (W/O emulsion)

•Liposomes are phospholipids molecules organised in membranes. Liposomes can trap within their membranes highly water-soluble compounds. Liposomes are considered to be nanocapsules as their size can approximately be 1000-2000 Å (0.1-0.2 µm).

•Complex protein microcapsules will be composed of the two former structures (lipid bead and liposomes) trapped into the protein matrix core. The protein capsule wall is formed by coacervation process that does not involve the use of solvents like cyclohexane.

BernAqua microcapsules are more than just microcapsules, they constitute a total nutritional delivery system. The quality of the ingredients is of primary importance. For the early larval stages, protein meals (such as fish meal or squid meal) are not suitable because proteins are damaged by heat during the drying process. For the production of Caviar, Royal Caviar and Vitellus capsules, BernAqua uses freshly frozen krill, frozen fish and squid of the highest quality (food grade) as raw materials.

•Step 1: These frozen raw materials are first milled to very small sizes (90% < 2 microns).

•Step 2: The other ingredients are added such as lecithin, fish oils etc. The slurry undergoes vigorous mixing and size reduction.

•Step 3: Liposomes are added to the slurry and mixed vigorously. The viscosity of the slurry and its physico-chemical properties are ready for the encapsulation process (see step 5). This slurry is then called colloid phase 1.

•Step 4: A water solution is added to the mix (colloid phase 2)

•Step 5: A vigorous mixing process takes place and the two colloid phases are placed in contact together in such as way that capsules are being formed. The right level of energy is applied to set the desired capsule size.

Step 6: Capsule suspension is immediately spray dried.

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