Model CB-4000 - Climate Control System



The CB-4000 simply and efficiently controls the climate in one room with a maximum of two groups of air inlets. The controller has two displays that keep you up to date on the current temperature and ventilation in the house. It features several control functions like ventilation, heating, cooling and growth curves (4 set points). The temperature compensation control prevents abrupt temperature drops in your animal house. The room temperature is monitored by the CB-4000 and cooling is automatically activated if the temperature becomes too high. The special counter inputs for water and feed also enable the CB-4000 to display the water/feed ratio. This lets you easily and efficiently control your animals’ primary requirements.

Simple and efficient climate control for your poultry farm
  • Climate computer for one poultry house with two air intake zones
  • Counters display the water/feed ratio
  • Monitors the temperature in the house
  • Includes several compensation control functions
  • 2 Heating control functions
  • 2 Cooling control functions
  • Built-in alarm function
  • Ventilation can be controlled in 2 groups and activated in 6 steps
  • Displays current ventilation and temperature
  • Protected communication with FarmConnect

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