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Model CB 80/32° - Double Wheel Ditchers with Special Sections



The wide range of Cosmeco rotary double-wheel ditchers has been designed and developed for many water management purposes, such as the excavation, maintenance or cleaning of collector ditches and furrows. Thanks to their rotors fitted with knives and plates, the soil is comminuted and removed, and can be thrown sideways at many meters away, or be positioned just beside the edge with the special adjustable hoods. The new created ditch proves to be clean and net, and let the water flush from unwanted areas or make it flow, distributing it along the irrigation net.

Our double-wheel with special section depart from a unique Cosmeco project and represent all the solutions developed together over time with our customers, based on specific requirements of each application of the final users.

In particular with these special double-wheel ditchers the channels lead angles can be very open with gentle slopes, or they may present narrow sections and steep walls. The bottom f the ditch may vary accordingly to the banks slope factor; the final result is therefore an optimal and customized configuration based on all potential uses for any crop type and variety, soils, or other digging purposes.

Double wheel ditcher with special section at work

Watch the video of our double wheel ditcher with special section at work

Technical Aspects:
  • The special lead angles enhance the versatility and the multifunctionality of the ditchers
  • Transmission with gearbox with oil-immersed gears
  • 2category three-point hitch (standard)
  • Adjustable depth by the tractor hydraulic lifting system and the chain provided
  • For the excavation of a new ditch, more passes may be required, depending on the consistency of the soil and on the desired depth.
  • Fixed frame, it works only in a central position
Main Strenghts:
  • Possibility of making channels with different profiles and slopes, thanks to the special wheels lead angles.
  • Eliminates the levelling operations for piles of soiling or ridges left by scrapers, bulldozers and excavators
  • Good work quality even with a strong presence of residue deposited on the bottom
  • Adjustable hoods for removed soil management
  • The lightened frame doesn’t compromise the weight of the machine, even in the case of soil filling
On Demand:

Cardan shaft with safety bolt – Cardan shaft with friction clutch – Additional hoods – Hydraulic cylinder 3rd point – Rear small wheel for transit by road - Tungsten knives for strong soils.

We also conceive and realize on demand bespoke solutions and projects: widened chassis, special lead angles, extra options not present among the standard ones, or particular equipments.

Contact us for a free consult about the most appropriate choice for your terrain, we will seek the best solutions together with you to suit the situations that arise from time to time.

  • R.P.M.


  • Hp


  • Km/h

    0,3 - 0,7

  • Kg


  • Ditch maximum size

    A: 20, B: 100, C: 80

  • Wheels lead angle


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