- Model CB - Combination Cultivator



The StruikCBcultivator (for combination usage) is a specially designed full-field cultivator which, when used in combination with a planting machine and a ridging hood, can perform planting bed preparation, planting and ridging in a single pass.

Because the weight of the machine is supported by the tractor and it no longer forms temporary ridges, it is possible to drive on wide, low-pressure tyres to keep soil compaction to a minimum.

During the working pass furrows are opened in which the planting machine places the seed potatoes. During this process the planting depth is controlled by the set position of a plate with nose-like projections. With the optional subsoilers the power requirement of theCBcultivator is reduced by 10-15%.

DeCBcultivator is supported by the running wheels of the planter, resulting in direct regulation of the cultivator depth.

The last step after the ridging discs close the furrow is the final ridging with the ridging hood. Using theCBcultivator in combination with a planter provides the following advantages:

  • Consistent soil crumbling
  • Constant working depth
  • Tubers are planted exactly in the centre of the ridge
  • More capacity with fewer labour hours
  • No compaction of loosened soil by the tractor tyres

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