- Model CB - Cultivator



The Miedema CB full field cultivator has been specially designed for use in combination with a Miedema CP or MS planter with ridging hood. This enables you to combine planting bed preparation, planting and ridging in a single step. You save time, money and man hours, and get a better yield.

The cultivator is mounted directly in front of the planter so the tractor can run on wide, low-pressure tyres. Compaction of the soil and track forming is kept to a minimum. Integrated furrow openers working at exactly the same depth ensure the accurate and consistent depth of each row. With the optional subsoilers, the power requirement of the CB cultivator is reduced by 10-15%. This saves you both fuel costs and time because you can plant at a higher speed. The unique Smart-Float combination means you automatically get perfect soil preparation. The ridging hood automatically creates a good ridge that maintains its shape throughout the season and does not erode.

The combination of the Miedema CB cultivator with a CP cup planter or MS belt planter provides the following benefits:

  1. consistent soil crumbling
  2. constant working depth, especially in combination with Miedema Smart-Float
  3. seed potatoes are planted exactly in the centre of the ridge
  4. more capacity with fewer labour hours, times savings and reduced fuel consumption
  5. loosened soil is not compacted by the tyres

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