Model CBA-2000 series - Climate Control System



CBA-2000 series climate computers control the climate in individual rooms with one air intake zone. They feature two displays that keep you up to date with the current temperature and ventilation in the house. And the CBA series also monitors the room temperature and activates cooling when necessary. If the temperature ever rises above the set limits, an alarm is generated. Ventilation demand is met by several fans that can be controlled in two groups. Four breakpoints in the growth curves let you accurately program the climate control process development to ensure the right climate in the room.

Climate control system for individual rooms with a direct air inlet
  • Suitable for one room with one air intake zone
  • Available with a 0-10V, 6A or 12A fan control output
  • Monitors the room temperature
  • Includes several compensation control functions
  • 2 Heating control functions
  • 1 Cooling control function
  • Built-in alarm function
  • Ventilation can be controlled in 2 groups
  • Displays the current ventilation and temperature
  • Can be combined with AQC air control units, Ecovent and central exhaust
  • Protected communication with FarmConnect

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