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Model CC - Feed - Calcium Nutrient for Animals



Calcium is not only vital for bone and teeth formation, it also functions in the transmission of nerve impulses and contraction of muscle tissues. It is also needed for blood clotting process for animals, and for many enzymes present in animal body for their activities.

For animals critical times to ensure that diets contain adequate calcium are during pregnancy (for proper growth of the fetus) and during lactation (to prevent excessive calcium mobilization from the bone of the lactating animals).
For poultry birds, calcium is an essential nutrient. Up to three weeks, the growing chicks are extremely sensitive to low level of calcium. For birds, too little calcium can cause demineralization of bones (fracturing), soft eggshells. Inadequate calcium level in blood adversely affects their general metabolic functions. When the bird enters egg production, in order to support shell formation, her need for calcium more than triples.
During summer months heat stress substantially reduces their growth rates, as they suffer from respiratory alkalosis. Calcium chloride intake by the bird alleviates respiratory alkalosis, and in turn it also increases their body weight.
TETRA CC FEED is an excellent source of calcium nutrient for animals, including lactating and beef cattle, poultry birds and domestic pets.
TETRA CC FEED calcium chloride flakes contain at least 28 wt. % calcium.
TETRA CC FEED Advantages

  • Readily available source of calcium
  • 100% water soluble
  • Dissolves fast
  • Easy mixing with animal feed compositions

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