CCIRS Planner



Planner is business process management tool designed to promote business effectiveness, efficiency, and continuity through its unique set of capabilities. Every user throughout an organization, ranging from basic users to executives, benefit from using Planner. Planner users receive personalized task lists that are generated from pre-configured recurring or one-time tasks, workflows, and contingent workflows. When users first log into the Planner system, which is all web based, they see interactive graphical displays of their performance. Users can also leverage the power of Planner's enterprise grade document management system, or use Planner to interface with other popular DMS's, such as MS SharePoint. Once workflows are established in Planner, the system ensures that nothing 'falls through the cracks,' and that processes continue to flow. Planner also gathers business intelligence, using the information that passes through it, in order to assist executives in making decisions.

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