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There's a CDS-John Blue Squeeze Tube Pump to meet virtually any liquid fertilizer application. You can choose a pump with oval-shaped tubes and the backing plate built right into the tubes, or from a pump with round hoses and the patented spring loaded backing plate. The choice is yours - oval or round tubes - each squeeze tube pump offers unique features for your specific application needs.

  1. Sealed-for-life bearings require no lubrication.
  2. Rubber-coated rollers reduce abrasion, resist corrosion and etching by fertilizers. Easily replaceable in the field.
  3. Heavy Duty PVC manifolds are ideal for all fertilizers including acid based products.
  4. Oval shaped tubes with built-in backing plate insure accurate rates. The positive shut-off is due to the positive sealing tubes.
  5. 8-48 outlets are available. Outlets can be doubled for higher rates.
  6. Pump shaft lets you drive the unit from either side.
  7. Multiple-coned sprockets come standard allowing for seven different delivery rates.
  8. Sturdy, all metal frame.

  • Positive shut-off when pump stops.
  • 6-16 outlets are available.
  • Patented spring loaded back plate insures accurate rates.
  • Fittings can be relubricated to flush out contamination.
  • Heavy cast iron frame.
  • Choice of optional individual sprockets or complete cluster sets.

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