AVR bvba

- Model 65 - Twin Conveyors



The AVR CDVE 65 twin conveyors are the flexible link in the barn. The machine has been designed so both belts can be swiveled to all desired angles relative to each other.

Solid base
The keystone in the development of the AVR Twin Conveyors is a stable and solid frame. Rigid box girders combined with a single-piece upper frame (mono body) result in a very sturdy machine.

Capacity combined with quality

The clever design of the conveyor belts with raised edges assures the metal frame parts do not damage the product. The raised edges form a V-shape, which guarantees a higher capacity. The transition between the first and second conveyor belt is fully adjustable, minimizing drop heights

Easy to use
The AVR twin conveyors are designed to relieve the user’s work. Thanks to the tandem construction with four casters and the 360° rotatable main wheels, the machine can easily be moved by one person. The mounted control box can be rotated 180° for ergonomical operation.
All CDVE twin conveyors are equipped with beige conveyor belts. These make checking the harvest less stressing for the eyes, because clumps and stones stand out more.

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