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Celeriac is grown mainly in Europe and processed into celeriac salads and soups: tinned or in its dried state. It is an outdoor crop and once lifted the roots are put into cold storage for the winter. That is one reason why Rijk Zwaan works on an excellent storage life for celeriac.

Of celeriac there is one type that is grown large-scale. Our never-ending challenge is to develop varieties that keep their whiteness when processed. And with an ever-widening range we manage to do that quite well.

Product quality
Besides a good storage life and not discolouring during processing, there are a few more important breeding objectives. Reliability, for instance, through bolting resistance and not having the product become over-ripe too quickly before it can be harvested. A long harvesting period is important, as it gives growers flexibility and, ultimately, benefits the quality on the shelves. Resistance to pests and diseases also reduces the risk of crop failure. This is one of the areas where we conduct top-level research.

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