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Celery is grown worldwide, mainly outdoors but also in glasshouses and tunnels. The largest segment within celery is the fresh market. Rijk Zwaan focuses totally on this market with reliable varieties for using fresh and for convenience applications.

Nice and green
There are two main types of celery. Apart from the yellowish self-blanching types, green celery is the most widely grown. Rijk Zwaan currently has a number of strong varieties for the green segment. Because celery is often eaten raw, flavour is a very important trait. Our priority is, therefore, that the characteristic celery flavour must always be retained. And because of the freshness on the supermarket shelves, shelf life is extremely important as well.

Strong in any conditions
Rijk Zwaan focuses on varieties for the fresh market, including the convenience segment. This means that we look at product qualities like flavour, shelf life and absence of any pithiness. Reliability is another important factor. That is why we strive for good germination vigour in any conditions and dependable resistance to pests and diseases. A long harvesting period is important, too, as this provides growers with flexibility and, ultimately, benefits product quality.

Crop reliability
At Rijk Zwaan we continue to work on increasing the reliability of our crops. Bolting resistance and not having the product past its best too quickly before it can be harvested are important examples of this. Another aspect we are working on is new resistances.

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