- Broad-Spectrum Seed Treatment Fungicide



Broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide for cereals and other crops. CELEST is based on fludioxonil with its unique mode of action. The standard in crop safety, efficacy and user safety in the fungicide seed treatment of small grain cereals.

  • Additional brands: Celest Extra, Celest Gold, Celest Orge, Beret Gold, Maxim Star, Arena C, Landor Ct, Solitaer, Austral Plus
  • Active ingredient: The CELEST product family contains the broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide fludioxonil as its active ingredient. Fludioxonil belongs to the chemical class of phenylpyrroles, which has been derived from a natural antimycotic compound isolated from a soil bacterium.
  • Mode of action: Broad activity with unique mode of action. Interferes with transport mechanism in fungal cells interacting at various points in the life cycle of the fungus i.e. conidial germination, germ tube and mycelial growth. Depending on the pathogen effect can be fungistatic or fungicidal.
  • Strains of fungal diseases resistant to other chemical groups, such as benzimidazoles, are controlled.
  • Targets: CELEST is an optimum choice for intensive cereal-growing regions. This product offers the best available control of Microdochium nivale and Fusarium, two major seedling diseases in Western and Central Europe, as well as unrivaled control of other seedborne diseases such as bunt and Septoria .
  • Main crops: CELEST is applied to a wide spectrum of cereal seeds.
  • Geography: CELEST is the most commonly used fungicide to protect seeds and seedlings of cereals in Europe. The active ingredient has registrations in many crops worldwide and is also used in numerous combination products.
  • Date of first launch: 1993

Advantages and main customer benefits:

  • The best available control of Microdochium, Fusarium and bunt. Treated winter cereal crops are healthy at the end of winter and quality of harvest is protected.
  • Gives an excellent start to the crop as germination is secured.
  • Safe to humans and the environment (reduced risk classification by the US Environmental Protection Agency).
  • It is fully compatible with CRUISER, DIVIDEND, APRON and other high-value seed treatment products.

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