- Model MINIGO - Fixed Power Harrow



The MiniGO is a unit specifically designed for soil cultivation in narrow places, especially in vineyards and orchards. It is particularly suitable to be operated by the new generation of specialised, compact tractors, that are rather powerful although their width is very limited. 80 HP maximum is required to drive this unit. To build this product Celli technicians have adopted the same frame and transmission components of the GO series; being the GO available up to 3 metres of working width, a very high level of reliability is guaranteed in the MiniGO. The frame, like in all Celli models, is made of two thick welded halves. The side plates, adequately shaped to avoid any damage to plants, are available in 2 versions: either fixed (but easily adjustable by bolts), or movable so that they can follow the soil profile during the work. The MiniGO is fitted with category 1 floating linkages at the front.

  • maximum horse power: 80 HP (59 KW)
  • rotor speed: 319 rpm (for 540 rpm PTO)
  • 3 point hitch cat.1
  • rear roller adjustment by pins
  • tines 90x10x260 mm: working depth about 26 cm
  • drive shaft with shear bolt
  • welded safety protection

  • 4 speed gearbox for 540 rpm PTO
  • Rear rollers
  • Stone protectors kit for round rotor
  • Stone protectors kit with counterplates, round rotor
  • Set up for front rippers
  • Front ripper (wing type)
  • Front ripper (chisel type)
  • Rear levelling bar
  • Wheel track eradicator tine
  • Movable side plates kit

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