- Model MIZAR/S - Side-shift Mulcher


Suitable for grass and pruning (Ø 6÷7 cm).

  • Suitable for tractors up to 80 HP
  • Suitable for grass and prunings up to 6-7 cm of diameter
  • 540 rpm PTO
  • 3-bel side drive up to 155 cm, 4-belt side drive from 180 cm up
  • Double counterblades
  • Rear roller or wheels
  • Internal  freewheel safety device
  • Three point hitch with 2 working position (central or 24 cm offset)
  • Side skids
  • Rotor fitted with Y blades and central straight blade

  • Rotor  fitted with hammers
  • Rear steerin  wheels
  • Hinged rear Ylap  that can be opened for  inspection
  • Rear spikes

  • Chrome-plated bar and side-shift adjustment by threaded bar
  • Chrome plated bar and side-shiff adjustment by hydraulic  ram (on request)

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