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- Model TX - Soil Tillage



The new Cenius TX in working widths of 4, 5, 6 and 7 m offers excellent working Performance for: Stubble cultivation after the harvest: 8 to 12 cm. Medium-deep soil tillage and intensive mixing: 12 to 20 cm. Topsoil deep loosening after root crops: 20 to 30 cm

The C-Mix Super tines, protected via a pressurised spring overload safety device with a release force of 600 kg and 30 cm lift height, provide reliable operation even on very stony soils and ensure the safe maintenance of the working depth down to 30 cm. The new C-Mix share system offers the appropriate share for all operational conditions and ensures an intensive mixing.The perfect levelling effect is provided by a choice of serrated levelling discs, smooth levelling discs or spring tine closers.

Four rows of swivelable tines, arranged on a 28 cm row spacing and with an 80 cm Frame height ensure a blockage-free operation.
On very light sites the running gear can be adjusted in such a way that it acts as a Support and in this way Transfers load from the roller on to the running gear.In very wet conditions, Operation is also possible without a following roller so that only the running gear and the Support wheels are utilised for maintaining the depth.Tines mounted behind the tyres on the running gear loosen the wheel tracks.The new C-Mix share System offers a completely flexible operation from shallow stubble work via top soil deep loosening to seedbed preparation. .A choice of linkage of the Cnius TX to the tractor is available and, via a flange, a change is always possible.A choice of five following rollers for the optimum reconsolidation on all soil types and conditions is on offer. 

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