- Synergistic Blend for Animal Feeding


An all-natural effective alternative to antibiotics. CenMos is a synergistic blend of two potent prebiotics: Mannan-Oligosaccharide and β1,3 - β1,6-D-Glucan as bio-regulators and immuno-stimulants.

Modes of Action of Mannan-Oligosaccharide:

A. Preventing the colonization of pathogens in the gut.
B.  Starving pathogens of sugars needed for growth
C. Stimulation of immune response.

Modes of Action  of β1,3 -  β1,6-D-Glucans:

Providing the ultimate immune system support for:

A. Maintaining peak Natural Killer Cell Function.
B.  Supporting enhanced cytokine protection.
C. Promoting optimal T-Cell and Macrophage activity.

CenMos helps keep the immune system defence strong and balanced.

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