CENO Ground Basin


For more than two decades we have been specialising in the construction of ground basins for the storage of liquid manure. In Germany we are the first company to have obtained the general approval of the building authorities thus setting standards in this field. Applications range from the storage of liquid manure and of fermentation residues in biogas plants through to the storage of seepage and process water.

  • Building license simply to obtain 
  • High safety standard thanks to the double-layer execution (including leakage detection system)
  • High-quality materials
  • Numerous possibilities of management
  • Low emissions

The CENO ground basin consists of three layers. The CENO leakage detection foil (0.8 mm LDPE) is the lowest, soil facing layer. The next layer is the CENO leakage detection mat (nonwoven PP 1,000 g/m²). The top layer is the CENO sheeting (2.0 mm LDPE) representing the base sealing towards the storage space.

The leakage detection mat is connected to an inspection hole. In the event of a leakage of the base sealing, liquid will seep through the leakage detection mat until it reaches the inspection hole where it becomes visible through a control display.

The larger the storage space, the greater the cost advantage of the ground basin when compared to conventional high silos. Each ground basin will be realised and offered according to requirements and local conditions.

The management of a ground basin is not more difficult than that of a high container. On the contrary: the acclivity and the mostly rectangular layout of the basin, support homogenisation, leading to reduced stirring times.

CENO ground basins feature clear advantages in comparison with high containers, both with regard to air side odour emissions and in connection with water protection. This is why the construction of ground basins is allowed even in water protection areas.

For the purpose of further reducing odour emissions, ground basins can quite efficiently be equipped with swimming coverings made of PE foils.

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