CENO Tower Silo Roof



The most important aim of emission reducing measures is to reduce the input of atmospheric oxygen into the liquid manure to attenuate the development of odour emissions. This is exactly what the CENO tower silo roof was designed for. As in the case of a tent, the outer membrane is stretched between the central tower and the tank edge. The tension of the membrane is not created by pulling the membrane over the tank edge, but by using the telescope-like, adjustable tower. This serves to create an even pre-tension of the membrane while saving it in the tank edge area.

The Membrane is biaxially arched providing additional stability to the membrane while being tensioned and avoiding fluttering and pumping in the wind.

This contributes substantially to the longevity of CENO tower silo roofs. Pumping would lead to the continuous exchange between the ambient air and the air inside the container. Atmospheric oxygen would find its way into the container thus contributing to the development of odour emissions.

The membrane absorbs all external loads such as wind, snow and climatic conditions. The membranes are made of polyester fabrics which are PVC-coated on both sides.

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