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- Vitreous Enamel Coated Bolted Steel Silos For Grain Storage

No matter you are a farmer, a commercial grain silo contractor,or other positions, your needs are the same. Selecting a reliable partner,which you can depend on. Center enamel is the worldwide honored expert, which you can trust and be a partner. We could supply you grain silo,which allow the farmers to market their grains when they are ready. Glass fused to steel tank can apply to dry bulk storage,grain or seeds storage,food storage ect. It’s advantages easy installation, short construction period,low project cost,not subject to weather and site conditions , which help you save your money and time. Center glass fused to steel silo will prove that your investment will be a better return.

Quick details of glass fused steel tank

Coating color

dark blue, dark green , white, and customized

A standard steel plate size

effective size 2400mm x 1200 m

Steel plates thickness

3mm - 12mm , depends on the diameter & height

Coating thickness

0.25mm - 0.4mm, two coating internal and external

Acid and alkalinity proof

standard coating suits for PH3 - PH11, special coating suits for PH1 - PH14




same as steel sheet , around 500KN/mm


6.0 Mohs

Service life

>30 years

Spark test

>1500 V


gas and liquid impermeable

Easy yo clean

smooth, glossy, inert, anti-adhesion

Corrosion resistance

excellent ! Suitable for waste water salt water, sea water, high sulfur crude oil, salt fox, organic and inorganic compounds


Advantages of glass fused steel tank


Glass fused steel tank needs lowest life cycle cost ; It can be designed for future expansion or relocation ; It needs no cranes or other big installation equipment for construction ; It will not corrode or rust ; It can be constructed in remote or secluded locations ; Minimal environmental construction site impact ; It requires minimal maintenance over tank life ; service life is over 35 years ; It never needs painting on job site ; All fabrication works is done on factory ;  It is smooth, glossy which makes graffiti can be easily removed .

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