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- Model SE (C) 1500 - Fertilizer Spreader



5F: hydraulic control ot the application rate. SE C: cenironic 11 gps electronic measuring and control system by means o( lorward speed measuring via wheel sensor fat. Stain ess steel spoons and spinnei discs. Powder coated spreader bowls. Z Screen punch holes sieves 8 20 mm. Vidleridl giadinq kit lor use in combindtion with the output chdil. Sf: Wa>terscheid PIO shaft (l a/j' - 6 splines tractor side). 5F C: Walterschcid Tele-space PIO shaft with slip clutch (1 J/s' - (> splines tractor side)

Special benefits

  • Two spinner discs which rotate to the inside: each spinner disc throws a complete spreading pattern. Exact distribution through quadruple overlapping.
  • Spreading width from 10 up to 18 m, easily changeable by adapting the PTO shaft speed.
  • Rotating spinner disc: no blockage ol the valve opening, no grinding ol the fertilizer.
  • Due to the small hopper size the spreader can easily be positioned underneath a silo.
  • Cerrtronlc II GPS with C version, electronic rneasuiing, and control system which automatically adjusts the output horn the Cenleiliner to any change ol foiwaid speed. As soon as the speed increases, the application rate increases as well. This way the output per acre remains the same.
  • The electronic controlled calibration lest with c version allows to determine tlw correct (low speed with some simple actions, to obtain an even more accurate application rate.
  • Telespace PTO shaft with C-vcrsion: special telescoping PTO shaft which can be extended by 30 cm before attaching to the tractor, ihis gives a free access, so other connections can be made.

Further explanation accessories

  • Centraside: headland spreading tit to obtain a sharply limited spreading pattern at the nght side of the spreader. At the left side of the spreader the spreading pattern stays the same.
  • Disc valve: device for closing the left spreader bowl when using a Centraside headland spreading set.
  • Hydraulic tilt ram: when headland spreading is required the Ccnterlincr spreader can be tilted. This reduces the spreading pattern on one border side, one pass creates the headland spreading.
  • Centermatic; weighing device which records the weight decrease of the fertilizer throughout the spreading operation and determines the output rate. It is coupled to an electronic control system for shutter positions: even il the forward speed (among other factors) varies, the output per acre remains consistent with the operator's requirements (only possible in combination with the Sf C).
  • Carrier: with Ihis solid under carnage under a Cenleriiner feillizei spreader a pulled combination is obtained. By dividing Die total weight uvei the liatloi and carrier, the bulloni pressure is reduced. This has the advantage that also with a smal er tractor a bigger amount of fertilizer can he carried.
  • Attention: impossible in combination with a Centei malic weighing device.

Points for attention

  • The maximum spreading width depends on various factors. Consult the output charts on our website.
  • For variable rate control on the basis of a yield map, please contact us to check the compatibility with your brand of OPS monitor.

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