- Model SX(C) 3000 and 5000 - Fertilizer Spreader



Two spinner discs which rotate to the inside. Exact distribution through quadruple overlapping. Adjusting spreading width by means of changing gears: a perfect adaptation to different types of fertilizer, exact adjustment of the working width, easily changeable, working width from 6 up to 36 m. Hydraulic tilt ram: when headland spreading is required the Centerliner spreader can be tilted. This reduces the spreading pattern on one border side, one pass creates the headland spreading.

Special benefits

  • Centronic II GPS with C version: electronic measuring and control system which automatically adjusts the output from the Centerliner to any change of forward speed. As soon as the speed increases, the application rate increases as well. This way the output per acre remains the same. The machine is prepared for GPS-applications.
  • The electronic controlled calibration test (for C version) allows to determine the correct flow speed with some simple actions to obtain an even more accurate application rate.
  • Telespace PTO shaft (for C version): special telescoping PTO shaft which can be extended by 30 cm before attaching to the tractor. This gives a free access, so other connections can be made.

Further explanation accessories

  • Centraside: headland spreading kit to obtain a sharply limited spreading pattern at the right side of the spreader. At the left side of the spreader the spreading pattern fades off to the next working passage.
  • The Centraside is available in a manual and a hydraulic version.
  • Disc valve: mechanical or hydraulic device for closing the left spreader bowl when using a Centraside headland spreading set.
  • With the hydraulic Centraside and disc valve it is possible to switch over from full field operations to headland spreading (and vice versa) without leaving the tractor.
  • Centermatic: weighing device which records the weight decrease of the fertilizer throughout the
  • spreading operation and determines the output rate. It is coupled to an electronic control system for shutter positions: even if the forward speed (among other factors) varies, the output per acre remains consistent with the operator's requirements (only possible in combination with the SX C).
  • Connector cable: uses the pulse signal of the tractor's forward speed sensor.
  • Magnetic sensor: measures the forward speed via magnets mounted on tractor wheel. This set can also be used for other machines which require forward speed measuring.
  • GPS speed measuring sensor: a GPS sensor is used for measuring the speed instead of the wheel sensor kit. Advantages: a compact kit, easy to mount and to use, no special construction is required.

Standard specification

  • SX: hydraulic control of the application rate
  • SX C: Centronic II GPS electronic measuring and control system by means of forward speed measuring via wheel sensor kit
  • Hydraulic tilt ram for headland spreading
  • Hardened and wear resistant powder coated spoons and powder coated spreader bowls
  • Stainless steel spinner discs
  • Up from SX 3000 (C): sight windows in hopper extensions
  • Material grading kit for use with the output chart
  • Walterscheid Telespace PTO shaft with slip clutch
  • (1 Vs' - 6 splines tractor side), Telespace version for SX C
  • 1 Set of change gears 23/12
  • 2 Mesh wire sieves
  • Safety and lighting set LED
  • Large stainless steel tractor protection sheets

Points for attention

  • The maximum spreading width depends on various factors. Consult the output charts on our website.
  • For variable rate control on the basis of a yield map, please contact us to check the compatibility with your brand of GPS monitor.

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