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Steinsvik has produced and installed over 900 central feeding systems for both land and sea based farming sites over the past 25 years. This makes us an expert in the field and a valuable partner when planning your next site, or updating your current one. As a customer you get the most user-friendly central feeding system on the market - a robust and reliable system that gives you full control of the feeding process, regardless of feeding strategy.

Our system treats the feed gently all the way from the silo and out to the fish. It is integrated with cameras, sensors and remote control systems, and has an automatic integration to production control systems like Mercatus Farmer. All components are carefully selected to give you easy and carefree maintenance and long service intervals – with lower cost as a result. Our system consists of high quality industrial components. All parts of our feeding systems meet our quality standards, so that we continue to deliver the most reliable systems.

We custom fit systems for any of your feeding needs, and our systems supports all modern methods of fish feeding. Our systems can deliver the pellet unharmed up to 1400 meters from the selector, and feed from two silos containing different pellet size simultaneously.

Gentle pellet handling
We are all aware of the need to avoid crumbling and breakage of every single feed pellet. We supply systems with the same pipe dimensions throughout the system. We even avoid using joints in the distribution valve. There are no sharp edges and we ensure optimal angles in the pipes and tubes in order to prevent turbulence and ensure that the pellet reaches the fish in one piece.

Our feeding systems are integrated with external hardware like cameras, environmental sensors and remote control systems to give you complete control of the daily feeding routine on your fish farming site. In addition, we have a fully and automatic integration with our Mercatus software products for production control, planning and financing of fish farming operations.

Systematic maintenance
We offer systematic maintenance of mechanical components and software. Regular checks ensure stability and operational reliability over time. Highly qualified personnel perform detailed inspections and deliver extensive reports with recommended and preventive measures.

  • Robust and reliable
  • Processing feed gently all the way from the silos to the cages
  • Easy to maintain
  • Complete control over feeding, regardless of feeding strategy
  • Can be used fully automatically or manually
  • Can be remotely controlled from the cage ring, work boat or from a base
  • Continuous monitoring of all components, alarm fault, and warning of maintenance needs
  • Logging of all operations
  • Easy to extend with additional feed lines

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