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- Model 84 - Composite Rotary Platforms System



Centrus composite rotary platforms offer superior deck strength. They are around 90% lighter and five times stronger than traditional concrete alternatives. The Centrus 84 composite rotary platform is the largest platform designed and manufactured by Waikato Milking Systems following on from the success of the Centrus 54 and 60 bail platforms. Using technology developed specifically for this project and the most modern composite materials available, the unique Centrus 84 provides the size, strength and durability required by a global market where very large herds and 24/7 milking are common place.

The deck sections of the Centrus 84 are formed in a multi-layer laminated process that includes Kevlar a material used in the construction of aircraft. The result is a superior strength deck and a platform that has seven times the structural capacity of a concrete platform in the circumference and 29 times the structural capacity in the radial direction. Each Centrus 84 deck segment is a fully integrated and self-contained structure engineered to include the mounting system needed to attach to the steel “I” beam. When bonded together, with a unique high strength adhesive, the deck connects directly to the “I” beam avoiding the need for a steel platform substructure. The rotation of the Centrus 84 composite rotary platform is supported by Waikato Milking System’s new revolutionary self-aligning Pivot Roller.


  • Modular deck sections bond together for ease of assembly
  • Powered by three 2.2kW drive units
  • Variable speed drive controls platform rotation
  • Impervious to urine and chemicals
  • Fully adjustable 150mm pivot roller assembly
  • Wider 100mm “I” beam contact strip
  • Custom built pipe girders and rotary gland stand
  • Pre-bracketed to accept all Waikato Milking Systems equipment


  • The most effective, efficient 84 bail rotary dairy system on the market
  • Lightweight platform reduces maintenance on running gear
  • Utilise revolutionary new pivot roller system
  • Lightness enables the platform to be powered by three 2.2 kW drive units
  • Deck surface will not degrade – impervious to most things
  • Rubber cow mats in each bail add to cow comfort
  • Heavy duty, fully galvanised export size bail work ensures cow comfort and safety

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